Ethiopia’s Church Forests

Forests have been planted around Ethiopian Orthodox churches since the early 13th Century. Unfortunately, in areas that are experiencing massive deforestation, these sacred forests are some of the only remaining islands of forest still left intact. To learn more, read the blog post from PLoS One here:

Ichthyologist Crowdsources IDs of 5,000 Fish from Guyana in 24 hours

Here’s a quick video that shows ways in which Facebook and other web 2.0 technologies can be super useful for speeding up science through the process of crowdsourcing. While this researcher is an ichthyologist, the same method could be easily used by ethnobotanists.

Latest Issue of Tipiti, a Memorial to Shelton Davis, Now Online

The latest issue of Tipiti: Journal of Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America is now online. This particular issue is in honor of my uncle, the anthropologist Shelton Davis, who passed away in 2010.  Here’s the full issue. 

Here is also the brief essay that I wrote about Sandy featured in the issue.

AAA Panel – Climate Change, Agriculture, and Agrobiodiversity

Jim Veteto (U. North Texas) and I have co-organized a sponsored panel for this year’s AAA meeting in San Francisco entitled “Climate Change, Agriculture, and Agrobiodiversity: Anthropological Prospects for Engagement.” For more info on the panel:

This panel will complement other efforts made by the AAA Global Climate Change Task Force at the 2012 meeting.For more info on the AAA Global Climate Task Force: