Student Research

IMG_0495If you are looking to get involved with research at Ohio State, I have an on-going collaborative project that investigates the use of human waste for agricultural fertilization, including contemporary use of biosolids (i.e. treated sanitation sludge) in the American Midwest. Opportunities for students include: campus surveys, research on the history of sanitation and night soil use, coding and analysis of interviews, design and maintenance of demonstration gardens, and public scholarship and outreach.

Also, if you are looking to pursue a graduate degree in anthropology with an environmental focus, please feel free to contact me. I am especially interested in working with students who want to develop projects focused on agricultural & human waste management, anthropogenic environments, human-plant relationships, urban agriculture, climate change adaptation, and other related topics. The Department of Anthropology and Environmental Studies Graduate Program at Ohio State both offer fellowships and graduate assistantships to support students. I also highly recommend reading the following blog post from Anthrodendum on “Picking a Graduate School,” which poses some important questions for prospective students.

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