Cultures of Energy Podcast

Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer invited me on to the Cultures of Energy podcast to discuss my recent book Amazonia in the Anthropocene. Our conversation touched on an number of different topics including Amazonian deforestation, the politics of indigeneity, terra preta do índio (Amazonian Dark Earth), American Confederates in the Amazon, weeds (and weed), flooding in south Florida, Marx and the metabolic rift, and “night soil” (i.e. human shit). The episode just went online today. Give it a listen.


  1. Congratulations Nicholas Kawa. I´m an anthropologist with Master´s Degree from BSU in 1987. I´m from Peru. Now I´m naturalized American citizen. I did applied anthropology in Amazon area in Peru, specifically North East and South of Ecuador between 1996-2000. The studies of applied anthropology were financed by the Denmark government, Museum of Copenhagen. I was professor of Anthropology in National University of Trujillo, Peru 1974-2001. I got a Fulbright scholarship to study in USA , 1985. I studied in BSU. 1986-1987. It was an outstanding experience with professors of Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology of BSU. I was the first anthropologist who organized the National Commission for Indigenous People from Andes, Amazon Area and Afro Peruvian group, 2001-2002. It was financed by World Bank. But this commission was deactivated after 2006 by the national government. I had the opportunity to understand in situ the deforestation issue and the bad conditions of standard of living of the tribes in Amazon and Andes areas. I like to work there. But, by personal and family issues I had to migrate to USA, because I was invited to live here with all my family in 2002. Now I´m retired guy. However, you are doing a wonderful job changing the landscape of Muncie´s downtown. I remember the outlooks was poor and depressing. Greetings and good luck.

    1. Hi Ideltonio, thanks so much for your message. I really appreciate it. And it’s great to hear about your experiences studying at BSU and working in Amazonia. Please keep in touch. I’m now working at Ohio State, but I still have strong connections to BSU and the Muncie community. Un fuerte abrazo!

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